What is he wearing?

By: katiesue

May 22 2011

Category: Fun and Games, Maple Square, Projects, Speaking, Students, Teaching Resource

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As I was browsing through HomePlus one morning a few weeks ago, I came across a stash of Crayola products.  My heart lept for joy when I saw they had a 64 pack of crayons.  I bought them for myself, despite the staggering price tag (almost 8 USD).  I’m having a lot of fun and the kids are fascinated by these “meegook” (American) crayons.  Another product included markers made for writing on glass.  I have  ton of windows in my classroom and my mind started whirling with the fun we could have with these.  There are certain standard activities I do on paper, but dude, now I can do them on glass.  The kids in Phoenix class went nuts when they found out they got to color on the windows.

One of my standard activities for teaching question/response to “What is he/she/they wearing?” is having students draw what I tell them (he/she/they) and then once their finished they have to come up and orally say what the people in the pictures are wearing.  Same activity this day, only we did it on the windows.

Here’s Martin working on his picture.  The book pictured is “Let’s Go 3” (about half way through the series).


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