November Speaking and Writing Portfolios

Twice a year, we do portfolios for all the classes.  This is the first time we’ve done one for a speaking and writing class.  Helen and I worked together to make a really neat portfolio for the kids.  Because the class did so many cool activities, and we had so many neat pictures, we decided to make that our portfolio.  For each activity, we put the picture of the class at the top of a page and made lines underneath.  Then, as a class, we wrote a short paragraph about the activity we did.

When all this was done, I laminated each page and made a cover for it.  I then put it together with rings so the kids had a little book to take home.  Not only did the kids love it, so did the mothers.

From left to right,


  • Dan
  • Luke
  • Minnie


  • Ellie
  • Magie
  • Cindy
  • Michelle

Not pictured:

  • James

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