By: katiesue

Oct 07 2008

Category: Little Campus, Staff, Students

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…a picture with me in it.

Yes, it’s amazing, I know.  One of the perks of being behind the camera is not being in any pictures.  I humored a coworker and let her take this picture of Minnie and Andy and me.  This is actually one of the better pictures of me.

Andy and Minnie are both students in November class.  They are both extremely talented young children.  It’s amazing they’re only 7 years old (Korean age, that would be 6 chronologically).

I believe Minnie is wearing Jessica Teacher’s sunglasses.  And Andy is holding a little toy light gun I confiscated from one of my afternoon students. (I give them fair warning to put it away or it’s mine, plus they can ask me for it the next day)

In the background you can see our storage table with extra copies of the books we use (the yellow ones are Harcourt 1st grade math books and the blue ones are Harcourt 2nd grade Language books). Opposite from that is the desk where the laminator, laminating film and extra A3 copy paper lives.


One comment on “Gasp…”

  1. I can’t help but smile back. I really like this photo.

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